Go West, Old Dracula

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Vampires have been everywhere. Bram Stoker's classic had them in the 1800s, Dark Shadows showed them in the soapy 1960s, and Twilight made them sparkle in the 2000s. But did you know Dracula made a pit stop in the Wild West?

Go behind the scenes of Billy the Kid Versus Dracula below!

1. There are no rules!

Vampire stories generally use the same “rules.” Chief among them is that these undead creatures can only come out at night. However, John Carradine’s Dracula is frequently seen during the day without any negative side effects. He also doesn’t have any fangs, which is odd since he leaves very distinct bite marks on his victims. He isn’t a complete rule-breaker though. A cross and wolf’s bane can still keep him away, and he doesn’t leave a reflection in a mirror.

2. Carradine had a strong opinion about the movie.

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula wasn’t Carradine’s first time playing a vampire. He also played Dracula in 1944's House of Frankenstein and 1945's House of Dracula. However, this film had a special place in his heart... “It was a bad film. I don't even remember it. I was absolutely numb,” he said. “I needed the money, to be honest. Actors have to live too, you know.”

3. It was paired with another film.

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula was part of a marketing campaign which also included Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter. Both films were shot in approximately eight days and attempted to capitalize on the horror genre by setting them in the Wild West. Production supervisor Sam Manner said, “They were made for fun.” And fun they are.