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Quiz: Joan, Bette, or Both?

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Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Each were stars with big personalities, both on-screen and off. The pair only completed one film together, and yet that was enough to get the whole town talking. How well do you know these Hollywood legends?

  1. Her mother-in-law was Mary Pickford.
  2. Her nickname was “Billie.”
  3. She had a crush on Henry Fonda.
  4. She pursued dancing (for a time) as a career.
  5. Her mother helped her break into show business.
  6. Her star name was allegedly chosen by readers of Movie World magazine.
  7. She studied diction with the tutor who taught Lucille Ball and Katharine Hepburn.
  8. Her daughter wrote a tell-all memoir about her.
  9. “What has legs got to do with acting?”
  10. She was known as “the First Lady of the American Screen.”
  11. "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" was her comeback film.
  12. She was starstruck by Greta Garbo.
  13. She was married four times.
  14. “If I heard a director or producer had a part that might be right for me, I’d camp on his front doorstep until I got it.”
  15. She gave her co-star a copy of "...Baby Jane" to read.
Quiz: Joan, Bette, or Both?

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