Quiz: Remember These Shirley Songs?

Shirley Temple sang some of the cutest songs for cinema. But how well do you remember the lyrics? Test your knowledge below!

  1. On the good ship lollipop, it’s a sweet trip...
  2. Have you seen my new shoes? They are made out of wood...
  3. Have you heard? There's a new tooter...
  4. How can I thank you? How do I start?
  5. Curly top! You little bundle of joy
  6. I'm presenting you right now.
  7. Animal crackers in my soup. Monkies and rabbits loop the loop.
  8. Just picture me without you and you without me
  9. Every single day becomes a holiday when I'm with you
  10. If all the world were paper and all the seas were ink
  11. I wouldn't take a million for a Mom and Dad like you
  12. At times I ought to hate you. You make me feel so blue.
Quiz: Remember These Shirley Songs?

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