Quiz: Which Blob?

Click for showtimes for The Blob (1958) or The Blob (1988).

It's The Blob (1958) versus The Blob (1988)! Can you identify which monster did what?

  1. This Blob stops by the movie theater.
  2. This Blob had a catchy song.
  3. This Blob gets relocated to a cold landscape.
  4. This Blob attacks a woman in a payphone.
  5. This Blob features two main characters on a date.
  6. This Blob features an evil scientist.
  7. This Blob is first discovered by an elderly man.
  8. This Blob features a main character whose name is the same as the actor playing him.
  9. This Blob features the lead characters caring for a dog.
  10. This Blob features a motorcycle chase against the creature.
Quiz: Which Blob?

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