The Coulda-Been Quiz: Musical Edition

Shirley Temple skipping down the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz?
Elvis Presley falling for Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born?
Before casting was finalized (and sometimes even after), executives and producers considered or offered roles to other actors. How many do you know?

  1. Sean Connery turned down a role in which musical?
  2. Frank Sinatra quit which musical after one day on the set?
  3. Despite Barbra Streisand originating the Broadway role, this actress almost starred in the film adaption of Funny Girl.
  4. One producer imaged this pairing as the stars of Grease.
  5. Which actress was not considered for the lead in Hello Dolly?
  6. Cary Grant turned down roles in which of the following?
  7. Which musicals were supposed to star Judy Garland?
  8. Which actress turned down the lead in Cabaret?
  9. Which musical creative wanted to play themself on film?
  10. A broken ankle kept this actor from starring in Easter Parade.
  11. This actor was originally cast in Lee Marvin's role in Paint Your Wagon.
  12. Which actor didn’t drop out from playing the lead in Scrooge?
  13. Which actress lobbied for the lead in The Sound of Music?
  14. Audrey Hepburn passed on which musical
  15. Danny Kaye replaced this actor in White Christmas after an injury.
  16. This star wanted to play Nancy in the musical adaption of Oliver!
  17. This actress wanted to star next to Lucille Ball in Mame.
  18. This actress originated the lead in My Fair Lady and Camelot but wasn't chosen for the film.
The Coulda-Been Quiz: Musical Edition

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