The Ultimate Friday the 13th Quiz

This low-budget horror film sparked a gigantic film franchise with one of the most iconic and scariest villains of all time. How well do you know the Friday the 13th series?

  1. What film influenced the first Friday the 13th?
  2. Jason wears his iconic hockey mask for the 1st time in which part?
  3. Which 80s actor didn't appear in the franchise?
  4. The name of the summer camp in the franchise is...
  5. Who is the killer in the 1st film?
  6. How is Jason first resurrected?
  7. Jason visits what big city?
  8. In Parts 1-8, how many times is Jason not the killer?
  9. Jason's last name is?
  10. In parts 1-8, how many stuntmen are credited with playing Jason?
  11. Before wearing his mask, Jason wore...
  12. Jason is first seen as a child in...
  13. The inspiration for the film started with
The Ultimate Friday the 13th Quiz

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