Hayworth’s Trinidad Comeback

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After three years away from the movie public, Rita Hayworth returned for Affair in Trinidad. The star had sought a different life away from the spotlight. However, after her marriage ended, she returned to Hollywood.

However, what awaited her was the demanding studio boss Harry Cohn and her movie contract.

Cohn hoped to capitalize on her time away and re-teamed her with Glenn Ford, who had already done three pictures with her, including the wildly successful Gilda (read about that here).

However, the film, at first simply called The Hayworth Story, had script issues from the beginning. In fact, Hayworth walked off the set when she was given only sixty pages of a finished rough draft on the first day of shooting. In the end, the movie borrowed elements from Gilda in the hopes of making another hit.

While advertisements for the film shouted “She’s back!”, Ford noticed that his co-star wasn’t the same.

He said, “I don’t know if it was a depression about her failed marriage or the feud with Harry [Cohn]… but she had changed. She was still beautiful, still a marvelous girl, but the flame did not burn as bright.”

Nevertheless, director Vincent Sherman noted that Hayworth worked hard to condition herself to be fit for the dance numbers.

She also wanted to sing her own songs. However, Jo Ann Greer, who would also dub the star for 1953’s Miss Sadie Thompson and 1957’s Pal Joey, sang instead.

Despite the initial problems, Affair in Trinidad performed well at the box office, and Hayworth and Ford would appear together once more in 1965’s The Money Trap.