Fallen Angel

1945 | Film-Noir | TV-PG
In this classic film noir, Eric Stanton is an out-of-work New York public relations man with only one dollar in his pocket. When he stops for a cup of coffee in Pop's Diner, he is captivated by a beautiful, sexy waitress with an attitude named Stella. Also having a coffee at Pop's is a former New York detective, Judd.Eric tries to convince Stella to come with him to San Francisco and get married, but she says she wants a house first, and for him to have a steady income, before she will accept. Eric reveals his plan to romance widow June and steal her inheritance. Stella says she plans to date others until he is able to support her comfortably. Eric's plan is taking too long, so he decides to marry June in San Francisco, even though sister Clara is suspicious of him. On their wedding night, Eric sneaks out of the house without consummating the marriage, and goes to meet Stella in the diner. When he tells her that he married June, she says she doesn't want to see him because she doesn't date married men. She then leaves with a juke box salesman named Atkins. It turns out that Clara had followed Eric and seen his rendezvous with Stella. When Stella is murdered in the early morning hours, the police chief puts Judd on the case. He tries to beat a confession out of Atkins, but his alibi is strong. Eric assumes Judd will frame him, so he disappears. Even when June finds out that Eric was planning to take her money and leave, she is madly in love with him and says she'll stay with him because she knows he's innocent.
Featuring: Alice Faye, Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, Charles Bickford, Bruce Cabot, John Carradine