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The Sand Pebbles

A naval engineer disobeys his orders to rescue a group of missionaries in war-torn China.  More Info


Tora! Tora! Tora! War

As intel picks up word of an unprecedented attack, American intelligence weighs the possibility of a strike from Japan.  More Info


Mister Roberts Comedy-War

In the waning days of World War II, the United States Navy cargo ship Reluctant and her crew are stationed in the "backwater" areas of the Pacific Ocean. Trouble ensues when the crew members are granted liberty.   More Info


The Wackiest Ship in the Army Comedy

A captain on a secret mission is hoodwinked into commanding a broken-down ship and its misfit crew.  More Info


The Incredible Mr. Limpet Comedy

After getting turned down by the Navy, a man suddenly turns into a fish.  More Info


Von Ryan's Express War

A strong-minded, quick-witted American Air Force colonel (Frank Sinatra) takes charge of a POW prison break at an Italian camp during WWII, leading his mainly British comrades on a daring escape involving sneaking aboard a German train bound for Switzerland.  More Info


None But The Brave War

When American and Japanese soldiers are stranded on a small island during WWII, they must keep peace in order to survive.  More Info


Twelve O'Clock High War

A hard-as-nails general takes over a bomber unit suffering from low morale and whips them into fighting shape.  More Info


Rio Conchos Western

An ex-Confederate Army officer (Richard Boone) named Jim Lassiter, who has been revenging himself against Apache Indians who have massacred his family, recovers a stolen U.S. Army repeating rifle from some Apaches he has killed. The U.S. Army arrests him, offering him his freedom if he leads a small clandestine scouting unit into Mexico consisting of an Army Captain (Stuart Whitman), a Buffalo Soldier sergeant (Jim Brown), a knife wielding Mexican prisoner (Tony Franciosa), and later an Apache woman warrior (Wende Wagner).   More Info

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