The Proud Ones

1956 | Western | TV-PG
The setting is Kansas of the Old West. A quiet little town isn't going to be quiet for much longer; a Texas trail herd is about to pass through. The town's Marshal, Cass Silver (Robert Ryan), knows there's going to be trouble from the thirsty and lusty men. Local saloon owner "Honest" John Barrett (Robert Middleton) is counting on the men for a surge in business and begins to plot to remove the meddling Marshal.With the citizens of the town more or less apathetic, and the Deputy (Jeffrey Hunter) the son of a man who was killed by Marshal Silver in a shootout years before, it looks like the Marshal may stand alone in his quest to keep law and order.
Featuring: Robert Ryan, Virginia Mayo, Jeffrey Hunter, Robert Middleton, Walter Brennan, Arthur O'Connell, Edward Platt, Whit Bissell
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