The Man I Married

1940 | Film-Noir | TV-PG
Carol Hoffman (Joan Bennett) travels to Europe with her German-born husband Eric (Francis Lederer) on a vacation. While on an errand of charity to deliver money to a friend's brother in a concentration camp, Eric becomes enamored of the advanced state of German industry under the Nazi Party, but Carol is horrified by the brutal dictatorship of the regime. Eric suggests they stay and help run his father's factory, while he begins an affair with Frieda, a German Nazi sympathizer. Carol is soon jailed for helping a wounded man escape from a concentration camp, but finds a friend in American reporter Kenneth Delane (Lloyd Nolan), who helps her be released. Now a fanatic, Eric declares he will divorce his wife in Germany and stay with Frieda, and that their son must remain with him. Eric's plans are thwarted when his father steps in to tell him his mother was Jewish and their child must be allowed to return to America - and freedom.THE MAN I MARRIED is adapted from the 1939 Liberty magazine serial, I Married a Nazi.
Featuring: Joan Bennett, Francis Lederer